Club Membership Requirements

1. Agree with our Statement of Faith.  This is a Club 19:14 requirement, not an NCFCA requirement.  Although NCFCA is a Christian homeschool organization, one does not necessarily have to be a believer to compete.  However, since we consider the training of our club a form of Christian discipleship, we want to make the club membership distinctly Christian.  Consequently, all families are required to sign an agreement to our Statement of Faith.

2. Agree with our Code of Conduct.  We also ask that all students AND parents sign and comply with our Code of Conduct.

3. Affiliate with the NCFCA.  You must be an affiliate with the NCFCA to compete in tournaments.  Please check the NCFCA Participation and Eligibility guidlelines  and Affiliation Information pages for more information. 


Registration for the next competition year opens during the month of May for new families.  Limited space is available.  To inquire about registration, please Click Here to contact our Club Administrator.

NOTE:  Due to space limitations, applications will be taken in the following order: 

  1. current members in good standing (i.e. have fulfilled all Club requirements and have joined by April 30th of the preceding competition year).  
  2. new students, and
  3. current students that have not fulfilled current year’s requirements.


Participating in Speech and Debate does carry a significant cash outlay for each family.  Tournament fees and traveling expenses should be considered when choosing your families involvement.

Club Fee: Annual and nonrefundable, $125 per family.

Club 19:14 Speech and Debate Camp Costs:
    Newbie University - New Member Orientation (all new Senior students):  FREE
    Debate Camp (Mandatory for all Debate Students):  $95.00, includes lunch

Tournament Costs: See additional information on approximate costs for tournaments on our FAQ page.