Speech club trains students in public speaking with an emphasis on putting God first. Students are encouraged to strive to do their best. 

Club 19:14 is structured similar to a co-op class. Meetings will begin on time. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early to get settled so you don’t miss out on important announcements or valuable training time. Our coaches are all participating parent volunteers and we will want to respect their commitment by honoring the times we set for them to be there. The time between speech and debate, from 3-3:30pm is an important time to build relationships and have your questions answered. The Mom's Meeting will be during this time early in the year.

Each Club Day will include instruction, assignments, practice and critiquing. This is accomplished as a cooperative effort and active participation of BOTH parents and students. Parents are required to be present when their children are present on club days and tournaments. The following NCFCA speech categories are available:

•    Platform: Illustrated Oratory, Informative Speaking, and Persuasive Speaking.

•    Interpretative: Biblical Thematic, Duo Interpretation, Open Interpretation, and Oratorical Interpretation.

•    Limited Preparation: Apologetics, Extemporaneous Speaking, and Impromptu Speaking

 For more details about the above speech categories, see the NCFCA Speech page.

Practice and homework may take 2-3 hours per week until pieces are selected and memorized.